Thanks for the help

A word of thanks to all who tried to rescue me from myself.
And now a couple of important points.
1. That would be Mr. Pat Bowerman. I am pretty sure. I am not the only one 
that makes assumptions, it would seem.
2. I would love to lay my hands on some SAE's, but sadly they are not 
available in NW Arkansas.
3. What is everyone using in their filters? Karl Schoeler recommended plain 
aquarium gravel for my canister. I was wondering if bio-balls might be 
4. As for the book list, I would like to see a rating system(possibly a no. 
of stars to indicate quality). I have no interest in buying every aquarium 
plant book printed, but I wouldn't mind owning several of the good ones.
5. As for my own faux pas with the trace elements, I know better; I just 
don't always do better. Lesson learned.
6. Not every original idea occurs in the mind of an expert. I detect an 
elitist attitude in some of our postings. I understand that it is tiresome to 
answer the same questions over and over, but, short of making this list a 
good ol' boy network, I don't know of a solution. Remember, if you already 
know all the answers, you're probably not going to learn much more. I also 
find that some of the questions that I regard as obvious, bring responses 
that I find surprising and sometimes refreshing.
7. Have our experts always been experts? Perhaps there was a time, not all 
that long ago probably, when you folks were beginners and would have traded 
all your books just to have the privilege of reading the postings of a group 
like this.
8. I would hope that whatever shortcomings I have in expertise, I can 
compensate for in other ways. Perhaps by making this list a friendlier, 
humbler place. One ant alone can not move much, but ... well, you know the 
rest of the story.