APD vs New Group

Okay, my 2 cents too....

While I have access to the net I rarely use it because it is just too time
consuming.  When I get this list it comes in on my email, just pops in while
I'm retrieving everything else, literally only takes a few seconds.  Then I can
leisurely read it at my convenience, skimming over the items that don't really
jump out and grab me, and then carefully reading those items of interest to me.

Plus, even though I have net access and a net account, I can't figure the dang
thing out.  I spent 30 minutes on line trying to figure out how the heck to get
to rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants and came up with nothing.  Reckon I need a
better navigator but beats me what to use, or how to use it.  (I use OS/2 just
to make it tougher. <g>)  Anyone who can get email can get the newsletter, to
get to a specific address on the net requires more knowledge and skill and time
then I have and I'm sure I am not the lone ranger.

So the long and short of it, is please continue this newletter!

Doug Valverde 75051.160 at compuserve_com -or- dvalver at ibm_net