No expert cringing in Vancouver

Andy, Dave, George & Karen

About restricting the list:

I'm certainly not an expert except to a very, very newbie and I don't think
I post answers here as much as questions. Anyway, I'm sorry I seemed to be
saying I wanted to cut people off. I was thinking that there were plenty of
new people and anvanced people to keep going for awhile without adding new
ones. And you'll note I did suggest that the digest be opened up again if
it seemed to be stagnating. Maybe it *is* a bad idea. I like everyone here
and will probably like all the new people too. I certainly like the digest
better than the newsgroup so far as it has a friendlier feel. But sometimes
it's just what you're used to and everyone hates change. I don't think
people should be concerned about this question anymore anyway because it's
obviously not going to close down as someone is taking over from Shaji --
so there's no problem. I'll return to lurk mode for awhile and keep my
mouth shut.

cringing in Vancouver where it's Spring already.