The Future of the list

I would like to say that closing the list to new users would be a terrible Idea. I have been on this list sence v1 #134 and have really never posted to it. I would like to say though that my planted 60 US gal tank is doing well only because of the information that I received from this list. I have a great substraight of vermiculate, laterlite and fine sand. Plants various anubain species I have 2  anaubis var bartolli at least that's what I think they are have that have flowers on them. Way cool!  My Amazon sword grew so large that I had to divide it in to 2 plants (1 was sold to a pet store for 11 bucks) my crypts grew so much that I ended up with half a tank that looked like a forest of densely planted crypts about 4 inch high front to back that almost killed off my A nana due to the fact that he was a loner in the jungle and could barly get any light (only found him after I dug out a bucket of crypts). DIY CO2 where else could you learn how to put this togther and not have it explode everywhere. My tank used to be sorry all fake plastic plants and wood, little submarines and bubbling clam shells with that fake colored rock. I prob'ly wouldn't have fish because I didn't know that if you dump in a bit to much ph down your fish go in to shock (much less the fact that it has more algea causing ingredents then ph lowering ingredents). Gee now I won't even touch the stuff.

Sorry to ramble but this list is important to all the newbies out there with their pink rock and bubbling clamshells. I think that at times I get tired of reading the amount of posts that come through this list but most of the time I find at least 1 post everytime that really gives me info that I can use.

Oops rambling again better get going now I have some plants to care for.

Gary Alness (misman at hooked_net)
San Jose, CA

Hey who put a stop payment on my reality check!