Re: Reproducing Echinodorus horemanii

>From: ac554 at freenet_carleton.ca (David Whittaker)
>Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 06:57:55 -0500
>Subject: Reproducing Echinodorus horemani
>Has anyone attempted to produce plantlets from E. horemani? The plant
>is several years old and has never produced plantlets or a flower
>stalk. I've checked several books and believe it to be E. horemani.
>Should I allow the whole plant to float or should I cut the rhysome
>and let it float in the hope that plantlets will sprout.

I have reproduced my E.horemanii by cutting off a section of the rhizome.
After several years, the trailing rhizome gets to be quite large. I leave
the piece, unplanted in the same aquarium and within a few weeks, baby
plants are spouting from both ends of the cut off section. I leave it alone
until the leaves are 6-10 inches high, and then subdivide further into
individual plants. I have also seen plants sprout on their own from the
rhizome even before it is cut off from the "mother" plant. 
I have been waiting almost 5 years for my horemanii to flower, but I have
not had any luck. I keep the lighting at a constant 12 hours per day. I
suspect that I need to change the day lenght to trigger this response.

Neil Frank                 Aquatic Gardeners Association,  Raleigh NC