Speaker on planted aquaria for MN Aq. Soc?

The Minnesota Aquarium Society  (MAS) is planning their annual Fall Show 
and is considering having a speaker on aquarium plants. 

As background, the last speaker on plants was a member who showed how to
set-up a basic aquarium (10 gallon), as well as the kind of problems and
resources that are available. After the talk we sold over 200 bags of
plants that the society had ordered for the members. 

There is an increasing interest within the society regarding keeping 
planted aquaria, especially over the last couple of years. 

The initial choice for a speaker was Mike "Delaware Aquatics" T.  He had
offered to speak once before, but the MAS president at the time balked at
the idea of Mike bringing plants to sell to members, that isn't a problem
this year. Has anyone heard Mike talk? What did you think of his
presentation? I've ordered his plants and don't expect to see anything
except high quality plants if he brings some to sell. 

Have you heard anyone else speak?  Or have you given a talk that would be 
appropriate and would be interested in attending? The show is scheduled 
for the weekend of September 15. If you wish to reply directly to me, my 
address is below.


Ken McNeil
Horticultural Science Department                 (612)624-2715
University of Minnesota			 	 mcnei002 at maroon_tc.umn.edu