Technicality/Yellow Anubius

Stephen wrote:
>a) a modified charter for the APD to define it as a
>   technical forum
>b) a moderated mailing list in addition to a)
>c) a rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants_technical newsgroup
>d) a moderated c)

Sorry Stephen. I don't like the idea of any of the above. I think it should
stay just like it is with Shaji's suggestion of not allowing the membership
to enlarge a pretty good one.

Some of the technology things are very interesting -- some are just *too*
complicated and expensive for the average aquarist. The ordinary help about
what to do for certain kinds of plants and fertilizers and substrates etc.
are of interest to *everybody*. I prefer to keep the mix of topics that we
have now. BUT I don't want the volume to go up much. I just don't have time
to read it all.

Now I have a non-technical question. My Anubius (the living plastic plant)
are developing yellow leaves -- the old ones and the new ones. I'm thinking
that this could be nitrogen deficiency. It's definately *not* iron and my
fertilizer adds all the other trace elements. Anyone else have a problem
like this with Anubius that they cured?

in Vancouver where it's windy today.