Re: Technical content of RAFP vs APD

There has been a discussion of the quality of the postings and 
technical depth of the plants newsgroup vs the plant mailing list. 

It may surprise you to find out that the quality and depth of postings
are due to the people who post them and not the forum.  Since all the
"experts" have gravitated to the APD in the recent months, there is
more technical information here.  And since it takes "newbies" a
while to discover the existance of the APD, there are fewer beginner
questions here.  I also suspect that the beginners are somewhat
intimidated by the technical discussions and are afraid to post.  This
is NOT a good thing. 

Also, the suggestion that the list membership be restricted is
completely off base.  The last thing this forum needs is to become a
"good old boys" club.  I think at this point we all know each other
and know what each other's opinions are and there is not a lot of
point to endlessly repeating them.  We need new voices and a
membership restiction is not a good way to get them.

We can have just as "meaningful" discussions in the newgroup as we can
here.  Sure, there will be immature postings but these can be ignored. 
But the mechanics of the newgroup is far superior to this mailing
list, especially with all the weirdness recently. 

I, for one, have limited time to read and reply and I prefer the

George in Sunny Northern Colorado