Yet another lurker comes out into the light...

First of all, I want to say how much I appreciate this list, the way 
people try to help each other instead of trying to make a fool out of 
them when asking a "stupid" question. I also appreciate the high 
standard of the replies, we seem to have some real expertise here! I 
would really hate to see this list die and have to go to the flame 
infested land of newsgroups. And now to my question :

I am about to set up a 80 l (Thats the way we measure volume in Sweden, I 
think it equals about 20 gallons) planted tank. I'm wondering about what 
substrate to use, How deep it should be and so on. Should I use gravel 
only, or mix it with something like laterite or clay, or should I first 
have a layer of laterite and gravel on top or... ? Are there different 
kinds of laterite ?

Any help on this topic is appreciated.


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