Barclaya longifolia

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Subject: Barclaya Longifolia

I have been on this list for a couple of months now and would definitely vote
for its continuation. I used to access news groups but found them mostly full
of one line waffle. I think it is maybe due to the fact that you don't actually
need to join individual news groups but can access any news group on a
whim, post some one drivel and move on.

Anyway the real reason for my first note. I have just got my 70g up and running
again after about a six year break due to moving around a bit. I have bought a
large selections of plants from mail order and I am very pleased with the
quality of the plants received. One slight hic-cup however is that the
"feature" plants contained in one of the packs, Barclaya Longifolia arrived not
as plants but as bulbs.

So having read that these are not the easiest plants to grow I plan to pot
them singularly and my question is what is the ideal soil for these bulbs?

Rgds, Steve.