Re: rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants

Shaji wrote:
> If volume is a problem (and I think it already is) 
> then those that want the mailing list to survive 
> need to fix it. Enough people may leave for the 
> newsgroup, making this a non-issue.  If traffic 
> remains at current levels, or increases, the list 
> may need to be closed to new members, and would-be 
> subscribers encouraged to start their own mailing 
> lists.  I see no reason why multiple mailing lists 
> and newsgroups, each with its own character, cannot 
> coexist.  We are here to enjoy a hobby, not to compete.
> Personally, I'd like to see the mailing list closed to
> new subscribers right now.

I think a consensus is forming here that we feel the APD
and the news group should have different functionalities.
What has made the list a high quality medium is the
high ratio of technical info to repetitive help questions.
The congenial nature of the list is due to its membership
not to any advantage in the format so ideally we should
be able to enjoy a similar environment in the news group
if we encourage folks constructively and by setting a good
example. The news group is after all, a free forum where
no one is restricted access. What Shaji and others seem
to be suggesting sounds like a change to the charter of
the mailing list and that we intend it to be a more
technical forum. I feel that this information should be
freely available to the world. The archives provide that
in one sense and a oneway gateway of the APD onto the
newsgroup would provide another. 

I have some other ideas to toss out for discussion.

a) a modified charter for the APD to define it as a 
   technical forum

b) a moderated mailing list in addition to a)

c) a rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants_technical newsgroup

d) a moderated c)

A moderated list or newsgroup would provide us with the
highest quality resource however the volume of technical
posts here is quite high and it would be lotsa work
and a difficult and thankless task to moderate.

Until now, no one has ever suggested that help-me type
questions are not welcome in this list and unless we
change the charter, that should not change either.
(Help-me questions ARE still very welcome) 

On the other hand, discussing and solving the problems 
of experienced aquatic plant hobbyists is fairly
important... where do you draw the line? and who draws
that line?

Ok, enough of weighty political matters; now some fun

Anybody in Vancouver or suburbs want some Salvinia or
red Ludwigia? It's trimmin' time!!

Vancouver Steve