Re: Digests in Digests

>    *  To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
>    *  Subject: Re:Digests in Digests
>    *  From: krombhol at felix_TECLink.Net (Paul Krombholz)
>    *  Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 18:03:32 -0600
> Somehow Aquatic Plant digest VI # 306 showed up a couple of times inside
> later digests.  Any idea, Shaji, how this happened?  By the way, thank you
> for a great job, Please don't quit. So far, there isn't very much on the
> news group.

The problem was that someone's mailing list software was returning all 
digests to aquatic-plants at actwin_com.  Strangely, the From: line was 
also being set to aquatic-plants at actwin_com.  But the email header had
enough information in it to allow me to identify the user who was causing
the problem, and remove him from the list.

There were a couple of subsequent cases where people quoted entire digests
when replying to a single article.  Anyway, things seem to be stable now.

I don't intend to quit cold turkey, killing off the mailing list.  A couple
of peole have volunteered to take over, and one of them will be replacing
me soon.  The list will still have a home at actwin.com, so the transition
will, I hope, be very smooth.  There should be no changes to the user 

> I havn't forgotten that I owe you some C. aponogetifolia.  My single plant
> is coming along nicely and has a runner now.

I am a very patient person. I am in no hurry.