Re: rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants

Steve Pushak writes:

> will you be reading the aquatic plant NewsGroup?

For now, yes.  If the traffic reaches 50 or so articles a day (and my
gut feel is that that it will, in about three months), I'll be scanning it,
just as I used to scan the *.aquaria newsgroups, without reading much.

> do you figure you'll have the time to read both the newsgroup
> and the list?

At current traffic levels, yes. If the newsgroup and the list grow,
probably not.

> would you promise to update the newsgroup with the valuable
> contributions that you make here on the APD for those who
> might feel they cannot afford the time to read both?

IMO, there is no getting away from the fact that the newsgroup will be
a more beginner-oriented forum.  Even if the entire mailing list moved 
over, we would be vastly outnumbered by the newbies. If the mailing list
keeps its current character of being a nerd watering hole, I am not
sure that there will be much need for cross-posting.

> do you plan to post questions to both the newsgroup and to
> the APD list just so you can be sure to reach the people who are
> going to be exclusive to one or the other?

Making the mailing list a mirror of the newsgroup will make the mailing
list unusable because of high traffic.  But I'd cross-post some articles,
depending on their content.

> could you get by if we only had the newsgroup?

I used to think so.  I'm not sure any more.  There is just too much 
noise on newsgroups.  There is also too much traffic.  As I said 
earlier, I think the traffic on the newsgroup will reach 50 articles a 
day in short order.  The standard newsgroup response is to split, but that's
not what I want.  I want lower traffic, but wide-ranging discussion.
Maybe region-based newsgroups would be better than splitting.
> would only having the newsgroup actually be kind of nice for you?

I don't think so.  I believe the newsgroup has a very useful purpose,
and that's why I voted for it. I view it as primarily a mechanism for 
helping beginners. (Only time will tell for sure, that's why I suggest
taking a wait-and-see approach for a while).

> would you change your mind if the APD continues to double in
> volume at the current rate?

If volume is a problem (and I think it already is) then those that 
want the mailing list to survive need to fix it. Enough people
may leave for the newsgroup, making this a non-issue.  If traffic remains 
at current levels, or increases, the list may need to be closed to 
new members, and would-be subscribers encouraged to start their own 
mailing lists.  I see no reason why multiple mailing lists and newsgroups,
each with its own character, cannot coexist.  We are here to enjoy a 
hobby, not to compete.

Personally, I'd like to see the mailing list closed to new 
subscribers right now.


Shaji Bhaskar, Durham, North Carolina                   shaji at nando_net