Re: aquatic plants books

Dr. dave wrote:

>I have to admit to being somewhat of a book freak. With this in mind, and
>having read the FAQ, how about putting together a list of the aquatic
>plant books that we all own? The purpose would be to allow me (and others
>so inclined) to purchase some of the books that are so casually mentioned
>in the mailing list.
>Ill start us off ...

I think this is a good idea.  I'm sure the stuff I have is commonplace, 
but I'll dig it up and post the information as well when I'm at home.
It would be good to get the 'resources' section of the FAQ updated with 
more books.  I'd like to see people rate the books they post as well.  
I'll look into setting up a web page that allows folks to rate material 
and keeps track of the ratings.
Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge about starting a coop 
for reduced price?  We could buy a large order of books from some big 
distributor, get a healthy discount and redistribute them to everyone who 
ordered.  I admit to being a book freak as well and could see spending 
some money on a discounted order of books like this.

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