If it Ain't broke..............

> From: Pat Bowerman <bowerman at rog_ar.ispnet.com>
> Happy at my successful tinkering, I decided to tinker some more; So I
> ordered some fertilizer. I ordered Coralife iron supplement and Kent
> Marine freshwater micronutrient with iron. I also ordered Tetra's
> Crypto tabs.

You have made two assumptions here: 

1) The more fertilizer, the better. 

2) Somehow, each of the products will compliment the others. 

Too much of some trace elements will block the uptake of other trace
elements and/or may become toxic.  Hopefully :-), the manufacturers of
these fertilizers strive to produce a "compleat" system.  If one
suppliers product is sufficient, use it at the recommended dosages and
don't try to second guess them.

Now, getting back to "real life". IMHO, I would suspect that Kent may
do a good job of providing a complete product, I sincerely doubt that
Coralife has much useful in it and you get what you pay for with Tetra
(which is very little).  My recommendation, of course, is Dupla but
the prices have risen 30% recently so you may want to get advice from
others as to what works for them. 

George Booth