Pat's algae

Pat Bowerman told of her increasing tinkering with aquarium plants until the 
plants were very happy and then - ALGAE!!!  Hey, been there, done that.  I 
did exactly the same thing, going from plastics to full blown planted tank. 
 Then that A-word <shudder>.  The algae she described hit my swords, too. 
 The way I fixed it was to purchase 2 freshwater shrimp (Singapore also call 
Wood) to cut down on the spores and stuffs floating in the water and one ram 
snail.  The water became crystal clear within a few days and after 2 weeks, 
the snail has the algae under control.  I also turned off the lights for 2 
days before doing the critter bit.  I still have high phosphate, but have 
added Flourish tabs to the gravel and Kent plant fert. to the water.  The 
plants are growing and the algae is under control.  Also, I moved the 
aquarium close to a window so the increase in light is helping the plants 
out compete the algae.  It's rough balancing all the plants requirements, 
because an excess of any one thing gets that A-word in your vocabulary 
Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil