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The Federal Register posted this notice from DOI.  Some of you really 
serious plant people may be interested in finding out more.

Natural Resources-Aquatic species    61 FR 9718  No.47  3/11/96
DOI Announces: Notice of document availability Aquatic Nuisance Species Task 
Force Risk Assessment and Management Committee
  The DOI is announcing the availability of two documents produced by the
  Risk Assessment and Management Committee, a committee of the Aquatic
  Nuisance Species Task Force. The documents are: (1) Final Draft--Generic
  Nonindigenous Aquatic Organisms Risk Analysis Review Process; and (2)
  Final Draft--Risk Assessment on the black carp (Pisces: Cyprinidae). All
  comments are due by 05/10/96.

For further information contact: Richard Orr, 301-734-8939
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