Electrical Questions

I am assembling the parts I will need for a 6 bulb (40W) enclosed fixture
to go above a glass canopy.  Any thoughts on how close together I
can/should put the bulbs?

I also have this (14W 115VAC) "muffin" blower sitting around.  I think it
came out of a photocopier.  Would it be beneficial or important to include
it in my hood plans?  If so, it seems to blow a little harder than I think
I would need, can I get a resistor or something to slow it down?  (I was an
electronics hobbyist in high school, but I never really graduated from
5VDC).  Should I consider a controller of some sort instead?  Should I just
drop the bucks and buy a smaller blower?

Thanks in advance to the electricity whizzes!