Re: rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants

In a message datedTue, 12 Mar 96 20:21:25 PST, Stephen.Pushak writes:

>will you be reading the aquatic plant NewsGroup?

Yes, if I can ever get it. My provider hasn't seen fit to add it.

>do you figure you'll have the time to read both the newsgroup
>and the list?

I don't know without more information. But I would probably sacrifice reading
something else for APD and rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants or whatever the
newsgroup is.

>do you plan to post questions to both the newsgroup and to the APD list just
so you >can be sure to reach the people who are going to be exclusive to one
or the other?

I'm not a great cross poster so that's unlikely. This seems a more likely
place to get a well reasoned and expressed answer so, I likely would post
questions here.

>could you get by if we only had the newsgroup?

Probably, if I had too.

>would you change your mind if the APD continues to double in
>volume at the current rate?

I read large volumes of mail every day. If I had to read only a newsgroup or
a digest, I prefer the digest format. It's easier to read and more
information, with less extraneous material to wade through. 

Just my $.02 worth, from rainy San Diego.
PacNeil at aol_com[Neil Schneider]