Re: Aquatic Plant Books


I have to admit to being somewhat of a book freak. With this in mind, and 
having read the FAQ, how about putting together a list of the aquatic 
plant books that we all own? The purpose would be to allow me (and others 
so inclined) to purchase some of the books that are so casually mentioned 
in the mailing list.
Ill start us off ...

Sculthorpe, C. D. 1967. The Biology of Aquatic Vascular Plants. Koeltz 
Scientific Books, Konigstein, Germany, 610 pp.

Oriental Aquarium (S) Pte Ltd. 1991. Aquarium Plants. Oriental Aquarium, 

Scheurmann, I. 1993. Aquarium Plants manual. Barrons, Georgetown, ON, 92 pp.

James, B. 1986. Aquarium Plants. TetraPress, Salamander Books, New York, 
NY, 117 pp.

Windelov, H. 1987. Aquarium Plants, a complete introduction. T.F.H. 
Publications, Inc., Neptune City, NJ, 07753, 128 pp.

Hutchinson, G. E. 1975. A Treatise on Limnology. Vol. 3 Limnological 
Botany. John Wiley and Sons, Toronto, 660 pp.

Arber, A. 1920. Water Plants. Reprinted 1972 by Strauss and Cramer GmbH, 
D - 6901 Leuterhausen, 436 pp.

Dr. dave