Mutating plants with CO2

	I tried a DIY CO2 setup about 5 months ago on my heavily
	planted 20H tank. At the time I started it the plants were
	doing OK...wernt dieing..but were growing slowly. When I started
	the CO2..the plant growth exploded! The melon sword was putting
	up a bigger leaf every 5-6 days...and the hygro needed to be trimmed
	every week cuz it shot to the surface. I noticed one thing though...
	all the new leaves were differnt than the old non-CO2 ones. The
	sword plant had longer leaves on short stems and the melon
	sword had a much rounded red spotted leaf on a comparativly short
	stem. The inter nodal space in the hygro was longer...about 1.5 "
	if I remember correctly. I had this going for about 2 months when
	I removed the Co2 and shifted the tank to a site near the window.
	The plants did a lot better (sunlight) and the leaves returned
	to their normal shapes...and the growth rate stayes more of less the
	same cept for the hygo..which I threw out and replqaced with 
	sunset hygo..cuz it grows slower. Though now I have to hack it 
	every 10 days or so. The Java moss didnt do as weel with the Co2..
	I think it turned knda black...though now its fine.(without Co2)
	Anyone else expreiance this? And what that white fluffy stuff that
	forms on the tubing where the Co2 enters the tank water?
	Fish are fine..never had any die when I started /stopped CO2.
	Im thinking about starting Co2 again. Just wanted to ask this stuff
	b4 I did. thanks.

							Ghazanfar Khan Ghori 
							ghori at wam_umd.edu
		  					ghori at netcom_com