Maracide in planted tanks

>From: sryan at skypoint_com (S. Ryan)
>I am replying about medication in planted tanks. It's my first time and
>please e-mail me if I do it wrong. I reluctantly tried Maracide by Mardel
>Labs, because I was desperate. A trusted fish store employee recommended it
>as the safest ich med for planted tanks. I watched carefully and with much
>fear. Lo and behold, 5 days later the ich was gone and I swear the plants
>grew at greater than normal rate. I am not making this up and I was as
>surprised as you are! Anyone else have this experience?

I have also found that Maracide, used as directed, does not seem to harm plants
in any way.  I will point out however, that it does tend to stain the silicone
seals in the corners of a tank.

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