O2 production and List vs. Newsgroup

Subject: Which Plants Produce More O2 ??

> I have a 30 gal freshwater tank with a Fluval 203 cannister filt
> UGF. I have approxiately 15 small fish (ie. tetras, pleco, cory 
> two rather large amazon swords. I would like to put in another v
> plant, but my concerns are my O2 content of my water. I chose th
> sword not only because I believe it to be hardy, but I also (per
> wrongly) believe that with the broad leaf variety, with the grea
> surface area, it would produce the most O2 ?

The amount of O2 produced depends on the rate of photosynthesis, 
not the breadth of the leaves.  Fast growing plants under good 
conditions produce the most O2.

> I have two pieces of driftwood in the tank as well, and I was th
> perhaps something that would attach to the driftwood ? 

The plants usually grown epiphytically are Asian and African in 
origin. (Java Fern, Java Moss and Bolbitis mainly, although there 
are a few others) still if it doesn't bother you, it won't bother 
the fish or the other plants.

BTW, a friend brought me back a piece of Java Fern that he 
collected in a tributary to the Rio Negro... Introduced species 
everywhere! :-(

> I would 
> 'blend' into my theme of a slow running South American river set
> and am not sure whether I could include a more 'colorful' plant.
> some red in it, or some such other color? 

Myriophyllum piahuensis is quite red in strong light.  There are 
also a number of red or reddish Echinodorus sp.


Subject: List v. News Group
> I expect to be on this list indefinitely.  There are so many
> advantages to a list I don't know where to start.   And having r
> list for a long time, I know how much work it is.  If there is n
> else to do it (and I hear there is already someone) then I will.
> we cannot stay at this home I have found a low cost future home 
> us.   So don't give up on the list.   If you just look at any of
> existing news groups, you will see how much garbage (spam and
> flaming) is there now.  It is a waste of time and bandwidth.  So
> you won't be able to access the news group, don't worry, you wil
> have a home here for a long time.    Dave

You don't know how relieved I am to hear this.  I am trying to be 
dutiful and check out the newsgroup, but already, after what? 3 
days? there are already people being rude and nasty.  

As someone else mentioned, the number of "how do I keep my 
(generic plant) alive in a tank without light stocked with 50 Pacu 
" messages vs. substantive plant talk is already high.  Some 
people have said that you can pick through using the headers, but 
from what I've seen, there is no way to tell what is actually 
interesting discussion bases on the headers.

The APD has been a breath of fresh air, and I certainly will stick 
with it as long as it's around.


Subject: RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #319

> Franc Gorenc wrote re Fontinalis antipyretica -
> A related ( or perhaps the same species) occurs here in Australi
> only found in cool running mountain streams growing on the strea
> rocks and stumps and into the water . It seems to need low temer
> (probably below 20C) , moving water, a stable but only slowly er
> substrate, low to moderate intensity light, and patience.=20
> I have never been able to maintain it at home for longer than 4-
> - - probably ,in retrospect, due to the onset of summer. I recal
> reading somewhere that the specific name "antipyretica" comes fr
> mediaeval practice of using it as stuffing in the walls of firep
> insulation ?

I grow it emersed on the waterfall in my paludarium.  It has grown 
well except for summer before last, when we had a 6 week period 
where the tank temperatures remained above 90F.  At that 
temperature, even emersed I lost it.  After replacing it, though, 
it has continued to do well.

It is a pretty common plant in many ponds and streams around here.

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Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA