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you asked a couple of good questions, here are my answers...

>- -sigh-
>recursive mailing lists; formatting problems; a growing membership.
>I know we've all grown to really appreciate this APD list and it's
>become really important to some of us and we sure don't want to upset
>anyone... but....
>ok please bear with me and let me ask some questions that need to be
>will you be reading the aquatic plant NewsGroup?

most definately, it is the most convienent for me since it comes in with
the rest of my e-mail

>do you figure you'll have the time to read both the newsgroup
>and the list?

occasionally,  I'll probably have time to only read the list on most days

>would you promise to update the newsgroup with the valuable
>contributions that you make here on the APD for those who
>might feel they cannot afford the time to read both?

I can't make any promises.  I can't even promise that my contributions will
be valuable.  But I am willing to try.

>do you plan to post questions to both the newsgroup and to
>the APD list just so you can be sure to reach the people who are
>going to be exclusive to one or the other?

Actually, I find the newsgroup's tendancy to flame intimidating, especially
since I consider myself a newbe, so if I have a question I'll probably
stick to the mailing list.  (I'd rather get some limited yet sincere 
advice than be told how stupid I am.)

>could you get by if we only had the newsgroup?

I'd make do, but become a lot less vocal.

>would only having the newsgroup actually be kind of nice for you?


>would you change your mind if the APD continues to double in
>volume at the current rate?


Once again I'd like to give a whopping big thanks to Shaji for his work
with this list and all the people who gave me advice.  Without this list
the prettiest plants in my tank would still be plastic.  

Cindy in slowly warming South Bend