Re: Elevated Phosphates

Dionigi wrote:
> 2) I bought several pouches of Phos-Zorb, which I am using one at a time,
> replacing it when phosphate levels stop dropping. I started using them a
> week ago. I am now at the second one, and the levels are now around 1.5
> mg/l. No sign yet of clear improvement in plant growth.
> 4) Phos Zorb pouches seem quite effective and do not cost too much from mail
> order catalogs. I used in the past other anti-phosphate resins in other
> tanks with less success. If I will have to bring and keep phosphates down to
> 0.1 mg/l or so, maybe I should just use Phos-Zorb consistently, at a lower
> cost and inconvenince of a water filtration system. Has anyone any idea if
> this may really be a cost-effective solution?

I have once tried a pouch of PhosZorb for a newly set up 15 gal planted tank
for 6 weeks. (I knew that ion exchangers likely remove trace elements which
is necessary for plants' growth.  But, someone had posted in rec.aquaria about
his success of low-tech plant tank with PhosGuard.  So, I looked for PhosGuard
in vain and got 2 pouches of PhosZorb instead.)
It was my 2nd 15 gal plant tank and plants (mostly fast growing ones) were
taken from the rather successful 15 gal (which had some algae problem that I
assumed due to too much phosphate).  The lighting and etc of the 2 tanks were
quite similar. (20Wx2 FL lighing, Yeast CO2 injection, 30% weekly water change,
amount of fish and plants in there, trace element supply.)

The result was _NO_ visible growth of plants (and no algae, of cource).
I guess PhosZorb pouches are quite effective for removing phosphate and also
some trace elements. (I can't find any phosphate test kit at local shops.)
Apparently, PhosZorb was not for putting in filters for planted aquaria.
I removed the PhosZorb pouch, and the plants started growing in a couple weeks.

I still have the other PhosZorb pouch to use for some future experiment when
I get a LaMotte phosphate test kit.  But, I think I will use it outside of the
planted aquaria.