Re: How much Dupla fertilizer to use?

} From: steveb at bga_com (Steve Benz)
} Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 23:44:26 -0600
} Subject: How much Dupla fertilizer to use?
} I've been using DuplaPlant tablets and drops for several months now,
} but haven't had decent results at all.  But I've only just started
} doing CO2 injection (in a totally new tank.)  In this totally new
} tank I've got CO2 injection, undergravel heating cables (DIY, 20 watts)
} in and it's 45 gal.  Oh and it's also got Duplarit in the substrate
} (again, all done according to the directions on the box.)
} According to the box (or what I can make of Dupla's attempt at
} I'm supposed to put in 1 tablet per 50l of water, my tank is about
} so that's 4 tablets.
} And I've heard alot of people say that the drops are necessary, but
} needed in very small doses - I believe George B. said that he only uses
} 2-3 drops/day in his planted 75's.
} But even after putting in a double dose of both I'm barely getting any
} hint of a reading out of my Red Sea fish pHarm ltd. iron test kit.
} >From what I can get out of reading the Optimum Aquarium, I should have
} iron in the .2 - .3 ppm range.
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	I have had a similar problem using dupla drops. Also, my plants
have shown signs of low nutrients. After several hundred $$ of
dupla I have recently shifted to Florish to see if it works better.
I am also considering the PMDD solution. While I was using dupla drops
I often added a bottle of tetra pride to get the iron concentration up,
it was the only way I could get a measurable amount using my Red Sea
iron test kit. I keep threatening George that I am going to drive up
and do a full water chemistry on his tanks with my test kits to see
what his tanks look like :-) maybe it is time to follow through.

Another factor that I am considering is I have had higher PO4 levels
(about ~1.5ppm) in my 180. Given the discussion about PO4 binding iron
that might have been my problem, I added some PO4 removal pads and now
my level is 0ppm. Will see...

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