re: Echinodoris Osiris

>From: franc at golden_golden.net
>My Echinodorus osiris, bought as "ruffles", is a far cry from the one on the
>of Ines Scheuermann's Aquarium Plants Manual. It has six or seven leaves
>(2.5"x7"), reddish when immature, on 6-8" long stalks. When an additional leaf
>forms, the oldest leaf "shuts down", dying off from the tip as fast as the new
>leaf grows. This suggests to me a deficiency of some movable nutrient. But

[rest deleted]

After reading your description, It looked to me like you've done everything
right.  Is there any possibility that you might not be providing enough
phosphates (gasp!) for the plant?  I don't remember what the symptoms of
phosphate deficiency are, but I think I remember that it's a transportable

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