Re: Elevated phosphates

On Tuesday, 12 March 1996, Dionigi Maladorno wrote:

> So, here we are (finally!!) to the phosphate levels. After I ordered from
> HACH a better kit that the Red Sea I originally had, I realized they were 4
> mg/l. My tap water has 0.4 mg liter, I feed the fish quite sparingly and
> change the water often (nitrates would not be good otherways), so I began to
> suspect that the source of all my trouble was the peat.

Aha!  A chance to support the hypothesis that Paul Sears and I have
been working on.  Instead of trying to remove the phosphate, add (yes
add) light (you've only got 120W for a 180gal tank, correct?), K2SO4,
KNO3, and trace elements to the tank.  The idea is to make sure that
your plants can consume all the available phosphate, leaving none for
the algae.  I can help you with dosing, but you'll have to find the
ingredients locally.

Incidentally, my guess is that the phosphate is coming from the tablets, not
the peat.
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