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Subject: Advice for a plant beginner?

Hello!  I don't belong to this list, so please email any replies directly
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I have a 20gal freshwater fish aquarium right now, and I am planning to upgrade
to either a 40 or a 55 gallon.  I mainly want to keep fish, but thought that
trying to grow some live plants might add an extra challenge.  I've kept my
current aquarium for 3 or 4 years, so I understand the issues in keeping fish,
but I have no clue about plants.  Is it a LOT of extra work to add plants to
the equation?  Can I grow some hardy plants in a "normal" fish setup with an
undergravel filter, or do I have to have a different filter technique or 
special equipment?  I understand that if I wanted to concentrate on just plants,
I would probably want to have a special setup.  But my desire is simply to add
a few plants to my fish aquarium.  Can this be done with just a little extra
work, or do I just need to stay with fish and plastic plants?  Thanks!

sweberg at garfield_wes.army.mil