Lighting Liquidators Correct Phone Number

In APD Tuesday, 27 February 1996 Volume 01-285 I wrote:
> I talked to Rob at Always Lighting here in Vancouver to get these
> figures and also inquired whether they were willing to entertain
> out of town orders. The answer is yes but the prices and availability
> can vary somewhat. The price for a 175watt system and a 250watt
> system are within a few dollars. Shipping by the method of your
> choice is extra. A price today for 175 watt kit including a
> parabolic reflector is about $100 Cdn because he has lots of
> 175watt surplus ballasts. He also has 3 250 watt ballasts. First
> come first served.
> The phone number is (604)520-1023 talk to Rob or Dennis.
> Mail:
> Lighting Liquidators
> 811 1st Street
> New Westminster BC
> V3L 2H7   CANADA

Please accept my apologies for any confusion due to my error but
the correct phone number is (604)520-7782. Thanks for pointing this
out Dave W.

Steve    :%)        embarassed in Vancouver!