Good Results with PMDD's

I have been lurking for several weeks.  I believe I have learned 
more about keeping aquatic plants from this group than the books I 
have read and advice from local aquarium shops.

I want to especially thank Kevin Conlin for his ideas and formula 
for "Poor Man's Dupla Drops."  


	110 gallon
	RO water with "RO Right" and sodium bicarbonate added to 	
	achieve a GH=2 and KH=2.
	CO2 added (Sandpoint system manually controlled)
	1-3mm substrate with laterite added
	2-110 watt VHO "AQUASUN" bulbs
	Plant species: E. quad., E. bleheri, E. tennellus, E.	 	
	horemanii, barclaya longifolia, H. polysperma "Tropic 	
	Sunset", Bacopa ?, myriophyllum spicatum?, ambulia, several 
	varities of crypts and A. 	Ulvaces.
	Fish: rainbow fish, tetras, gouramis, o. cats, SAE's, and 	
	several catfish. 
	Fertilizing with DUPLA Drops and tablets (now using PMDD's)

In general until a few weeks ago I had generally poor results 
getting the plants to grow well but had a bumper crop of red brush 
algae.  After reading postings in this group, I concluded I had a 
nutrient deficiency, which surprised me since I thought DUPLA was 
top of the line. After reading Kevin's posting on PMDD's, I thought 
I would give them a try.  

I located a source of micronutrient fertilizer in the Houston, TX 
area, but it had to be special ordered through a local hardware 
store.  The composition was different than the one used by Kevin 
so, I had to adjust the formula some. (If you are interested in 
obtaining some, e-mail me a request and I'll give you names to 
The results are incredible!!  

Growth of all plants has dramatically increased.  Also, the 
barclaya longifolia has bloomed and the A. Ulvaces has sent out an 
infloresence.  There is a notable point on the stems of the bacopa 
? where addition of the PMDD started.  The leaves from this point 
are 1.5 to 2x as large as the previous growth.

As an added benefit growth of the red brush algae has diminished or 
stopped.  Previously it had covered and caused damage to all the 
swords and especially to the bacopa.  The SAE's also had a hand in 

Again, thanks to the group and especially to Kevin.

Doug Skokna in beautiful (65 f) clear Houston, TX.