Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #317

Shaji Bhaskar wrotw....
>We could dismantle the list, keep it running, or look into the possibility 
>of some kind of mail to newsgroup gateway for people without Usenet access.

Duplicate postings to both the newsgroup and the List seems silly.
I prefer the List, but the newsgroup will probably attract a larger
more "diverse" readership. Maybe we should have given more consideration
to those with only mail access beforehand. Will the new group be
carried by all providers? Maybe not. It's "un fait accompli" so lets

>If there is sufficient interest in continuing the mailing list, I'd really
>like to see someone else take over my job of keeping it running.

This list has been a success as the postings and responses have improved
in quality month after month. On behalf of all of the readers thankyou
Shaji for your time and effort.

Dave Whittaker                       ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.CA
Gloucester, Ontario                  dwhitt at magmacom_com