Re: reason #2901 to keep this newsgroup alive

I've dumped out of other groups due to trashing, flaming that is allowed to
be carried out by the so-called self proclaimed experts that feel that
bullying is the way to control the in put of information that will or should
be allowed to be seen.  The people in this group have been very caring,
patient to anyone asking a question, even ones that we  get to see alot.  I
ve had a fish tank (and many at once) since I was 10 (37 yrs ago). I worked
in two pets stores (in the fish departments only) and this newsgroup has
shown me alot more about plants than I had ever known. My 20L is going crazy
and I haven't hooked up a  CO2 unit yet.  When I move at the end of this
month I am planting a 45H.
I just hope that when people dump out of here to go to the new location and
this one stops thought non-use, that when the trashing and bullying starts to
get out of hand they can remember the good old days here. 

    Last year when A.Thiel was on AOL in the fish section, someone had been
badgering him about what he put into some stuff he made and sold (that really
worked for alot of people). This person made himself into a pain for
everyone, and when the monitor didn't step in to stop or control it, Thiel
left AOL.  I had helped newcomers on AOL with answers to their problems and I
would tell them to read up on any new and unknown fish before buying it. Two
members from the same town in Arizona decided that I sould be their next
target, there was a two week war online, me defending my information and them
challenging and flaming it.  By the time the monitor told us to drop it, I
had four other members responding to help my side of the info war.  But that
should not have gotten that far in the first place.  This group will not let
stuff like that happen.  Maybe it is small enough to control stuff like that,
I do not know,  I do know this is the only group I belong to, I like it a
lot, and I hope it stays.