Roots from Stems and Other Questions

Subject: Roots growing from stem and other questions

> The problem is that my hygro polysperma, hydrocotyle leucopetala
> carolinia, nomaphila sticta, and alternatheria rosaefolia have a
> what look like tiny white roots growing out of the stems and I d
> it. Do I have any options short of cutting off all these tiny ro
> which is really not possible.

Only to use other plants.  That is the way these species grow. 

> Random questions:
> Why is my lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae not rapidly spreading all o
> substratta and making a beutiful carpet?  They have not died but
> look very healthy and they have not put out any runners.  They a
> in a spot that gets direct light.  I mail ordered them from Natu
> and they appeared healthy when I got them.

You seem to have enough light, and are using CO2.  1/8" sounds 
like pretty large gravel though.  Lillaeopsis does best in a fine 
substrate that it can burrow though easily.  Also, I suspect your 
KH may be a little on the high side for it.

> Are the "micro swords" I got from a local fish store really a la
> of the above mentioned lillaeopsis?  They are very similar looki
> having the same problems.  The only visual difference is size.  
> store ones are about 5" tall and the NA ones are 2" tall.

They are both Lillaeopsis... whether they are the same species or 
not, is hard to say.  Size is often a matter of cultural 
differences.  I find that the Lillaeopsis that carpets my 70G tank 
grows longer shoots in the shady areas, and shorter ones where the 
get ful light.

> I got an Alternatheria "isabella" from NA and this plant has don
> nothing.  I guess I should have known better than order a plant 
> listed in any of my books.  This plant is also receiving direct 
> Suggestions?  BTW the alternatheria rosaefolia I got at a local 
> doing very well.

I have not seen that particular variety, but some Alternantheras 
are not aquatic plants.  It's possible that you got one of these.

> Java fern from NA has not attached itself to the rocks I rubbr b
> It has been in the tank for a month and hasn't grown and looks k
> unhealthy.  How long does it take for these plants to stick?

It depends on how different your conditions in comparison to the 
conditions the plant came from.  If they are similar, the plants 
will take hold quickly.  If not, it can take quite a while.  You 
may even lose some or most of the leaves.  Just leave it alone, 
and it should eventually recover.
> Hygro poly which was green when I got it has turned into a pale 
> plant is growing like CRAZY!  Is the reddish color due to strong

Yes.  It was probably grown outdoors in full sunlight.
> I got an echinodorus "rubra" from NA.  The plant is doing well. 
> know if this is the proper name?  It has entire shaped leaves th
> reddish green with light green  veins. A very nice plant but I d
> how tall or wide it will get so I'm not sure where to plant it.

There are many Echinodorus hybrids being offerd for sale, many of 
which are extremely attractive.  If it was listed as E. 'Rubra' it 
is probably one of these.

> I got a "brazilian sword" from the local store a few days ago.  
> long leaves that are egg shapped but flair down to a point at th
> stems are about 6" long and the plant is dark green.  the roots 
> and obviusly emerse grown, they had clumps of potiing soil stuck
> Any suggestions? 

It's not an aquatic.  It is spathisphyllium.  Take it out of your 
tank and put it on the windowsill.  It will thank you.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA