Re: Propagating Aponogeton ulvaceus

 Garrett Graham <graham.83 at postbox_acs.ohio-state.edu> wrote on March 8:

 ...My current problem, well it's a good thing really, is that I have
>an A. ulvaceus in a 30 gallon plant tank that has just bloomed today.
>The inflorescence has two spikes. There is another bloom on its way as
>well. Can I propagate this plant? Is it self fertile? The only plant
>book I have is Aquarium plants by Rataj and Horeman and it seems to be a
>little vague on this. The book says that it is difficult to do. I think
>I must be doing something right though. The leaves on the plant are
>about 20 inches long, big and billowy. It has decided to dominate my
>tank. Which amazingly has only been set up for about a month. When I put
>the bulb in it had only 4 leaves that were about 5 inches long. It
>started putting out a leaf everyday. It has slowed now and seems to be
>in a reproductive mode. What steps should I take to assure propagation
>if it is self fertile?

My favorite book, The Complete Guide to Water Plants, by Muhlberg, which,
unfortuantely is out of print, says that you need two separate plants for
cross fertilization. Self-fertilization won't work.   My one experience
agrees with this.  I had a large plant many years ago that put up more than
20 flowers, and I made many attempts to self fertilize with a paint brush,
but I never got a single seed.

Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174