A. ulvaceus blooming


This is the first time I've sent anything to the list so I hope I'm 
doing it correctly. I'm a fisheries biology major at Ohio state 
university and am fortunate enough to have accumulated a lot of fish 
tanks. My current problem, well it's a good thing really, is that I have 
an A. ulvaceus in a 30 gallon plant tank that has just bloomed today. 
The inflorescence has two spikes. There is another bloom on its way as 
well. Can I propagate this plant? Is it self fertile? The only plant 
book I have is Aquarium plants by Rataj and Horeman and it seems to be a 
little vague on this. The book says that it is difficult to do. I think 
I must be doing something right though. The leaves on the plant are 
about 20 inches long, big and billowy. It has decided to dominate my 
tank. Which amazingly has only been set up for about a month. When I put 
the bulb in it had only 4 leaves that were about 5 inches long. It 
started putting out a leaf everyday. It has slowed now and seems to be 
in a reproductive mode. What steps should I take to assure propagation 
if it is self fertile?

Garrett Graham
graham.83 at postbox_acs.ohio-state.edu