Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #305

I wrote.....

>> Dupla sells this product under the trade name 
> > "Duplacrys". I have never bought it myself (no need for this water) 
> > but I think it should work just fine.
> > 
> > If you are concerned about adding chemicals to your water (I know I 
> > always am) perhaps some of the chemists on the list may care to 
> > elaborate on this; dosing etc...
> >
Paul Sears wrote...... 
> >
> 	I can't imagine how this would work.  I'm afraid the posting
> above makes little sense.
Hi Paul,
When I've read Karen's post  I remember I saw an article in the 
"Aquarium Heute" which is  magazine published by Aquadocumenta which 
is a part of Dupla organization. The article that talks about the 
above discussed aspect of aquarium water was written by Dr. Gerd 
Kassebeer. The title was An Analysis Course for Aqarists, subtiteled 
(VII. Trace elements in the Aquarium). I lack the chemical background
to explain the processes involved, but the above author speaks in " a 
matter of a fact" tone and if Dupla sells something they usually go 
through quite a bit of research first.

If you are interested I could photocopy the article in its entirety 
and perhaps fax it to you.

Franc Gorenc                                  franc at golden_net
Kitchener, Ontario                          http://www.golden.net/~franc