a thought on removing copper (and everything else) from water

Here in central texas we have a problem with incredible high carbonate 
hardness...i stopped counting after 38 drops of the terta test kit stuff.  I 
typically use RO water for my tanks and add a little tap water to bring up 
the carbonate hardness some, and RO right(tm) salts to make up for what was 
taken out.  You might want to consider just using RO water for your tanks.  
If you look at the time that you spend on hauling water around and filtering 
to "kinda" remove stuff from the water...and the money that you spend on 
plants and fish, then a small RO unit is a necessity (and even a big unit 
begins to be practical.  Of course...i can get water at work...so life is a 
little easier for me.

    John Davis (marooned in aggieland)
    Department of Biology
    jdavis at bio_tamu.edu
    jmd9261 at tam2000_tamu.edu