Philips Ultralume


I'm hunting for light bulbs again, and went through the FAQs on the Krib.
From what I saw, the Philips Ultralume 40W is pretty good (5000K, 3280
initial lumens, 2950 design lumens).  This is just about as bright as the
Ultra Tri Lux, although a little warmer.  But I can get these for much
cheaper ($6.95 at a local lighting store, vs. $19.99 mail-ordered for the
Ultra Tri Lux).  Has anyone had experience with the Ultralume?  I plan to
use a combination of these Ultralumes with Philips Daylight (6500K, 2600
lumens, $4 at Home Depot) to balance out the colors.  Is this a good
alternative to the combination of Ultra Tri Lux and VitaLite (my current bulbs)?