Re: Practical Fishkeeping Mag

Rochelle Williams wrote:

>Hardjono reminded us that the Dec 95 issue of Practical Fishkeeping
>magazine has a picture of THE shrimp many of us are looking for.  Does
>anyone know if this UK magazine is available in the US?  How about
>international subscriptions?  I would even love a written description
>of Caridina japonica.  One Singapore shrimp is blond and the other is
>brown - There must be more difference than color between Caridina
>japonica and Singapore/Wood shrimp.

If I am not wrong I was the one who told you about the December issue of
Practical Fishkeeping magazine picturing and rewieving the
Yamato-Numaebi shrimp.

I am quite sure they have no problem managing international
subscriptions as I live in Spain and therefore I am myself an
international subscriptor. If you are interested, you can reach them
calling to the following number, dedicated to subscriptions and back
issues: +44 1858 468888. It seems that they also have an E mail address
for editorial and advertising, which is 100567,2652 at compuserve_com and
another one for the publisher, which is 100477,1042 at compuserve_com

Enrique Fernandez Larreta
Fernandez_Enrique at Tandem_com