Re: substrate heating

This is in response to Didi, other novices and everyone else.

>From: nitro at oeonline_com (Didi Soichin)
>Date: Tue, 5 Mar 96 20:48 EST
>Subject: Sandpoint substrate heating
> Today, in my Endless Quest For The Perfect And Affordable
>Substrate Heating Cable I called Sandpoint.
>They're being replaced with just one model, a 40W 110V (mains) model
>that is supposed to be kept plugged in at all times. When I expressed
>my electrocution concerns, the guy told me not to worry about it since
>the cable has a grounding wire right along and that in case....
> I think I will surrender now and buy the Dupla 25W cable. I have a
>feeling I will endlessly torture myself afterwards if I setup the tank
>without substrate heating.<g>

Don't torture yourself!!!! 
Don't believe that substrate heating is absolutely necessary to have a
successful, or even optimal plant tank. Maybe it helps for long term
stability, maybe not. Maybe it helps during the initial set up, maybe not.
Use lots of healthy plants, provide good intial conditions, eliminate all
the nasty algae and you will be off to a great start. I don't ues substrate
heating is all that important (I do not yet use it, although I have to admit
I am still curious); Takashi Amano doesn't use it!!!, Claus Christensen
doesn't believe it is necessary, Paul Kromholz doesn't use it (he doesn't
believe in any technology <g>), Diana Walstad doesn't use it, Dorothy Reimer
doesn't use it ..... etc., etc. I have seen all of their tanks (except
Claus's and Paul's) and beleive any beginner would be quite happy with their
results (or mine <VBG>)

PLEASE do not believe that substrate heating is a prerequisite for having a
beautiful plant tank. It may help, but it isn't the first thing I would
concentrate on and because of its cost and/or trouble , it isn't the best
way for someone interested in growing plants (and on a low budget)  to get


Neil Frank                 Aquatic Gardeners Association,  Raleigh NC