Re: Aquaclear Filters

In a message dated 96-03-06 04:01:49 EST, Mike Variano wrote:

MV>I was wondering about the noise produced by the Aquaclear filters. I have
several MV>Whispers, and they are all quiet. I have one Aquaclear Mini, and
it tends to buzz. MV>Is it just a lemon? Also when I put CO2 into the Whisper
it makes a racket each MV>time a bubble hits the impeller. I no longer use
that method. Does the Aquclear do MV>the same?  If so is there any way around
it? I do like the rinsable sponge instead of MV>the throw away filters....

My aquaclear will buzz sometimes, it usually means I didn't get the top on
right or something is touching it that shouldn't. I use yeast generated CO2
injection and have never heard any unusual noises from the CO2 bubbles. 
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