Tri and Ultra Tri Lux Differences/Source

> From: User275806 at aol_com
> Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 17:34:24 -0500
> What is the difference bewteen these two bulbs?  Is it a big
> difference?  

The Ultra Tri Lux has more lumens per watt due to more intensity 
in the green bands.  I think they give a plant tank a more natural 

> The only mail order catalog I see carrying them is Mail Order Pet Shop and I
> have heard they are not a good company to do business with.  Is there another
> company that carries them?  

Not that I know of.  They only problem we have had with MOPS is that
they charge you for backordered items so they can earn interest on
your money.  Maybe that's why their prices are a tad lower.