Re: Surface XTractor

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Bob_Hoesch at fws_gov wrote:

>     My (densely planted) tank 
>     throws out enormous amounts of floating film and scum, and the 
>     extractor keeps the surface completely clear.  It's a bit of a chore 
>     to maintain, as it is very sensitive to water level and it tends to 
>     get clogged with bits of debris. Also it's not as inconspicuous as I'd

>     like.  But it does an essential job.  I don't know of better solution 
>     except a built in spill-over.

I did not know that plants produce floating film and scum. Can anyone
explain in simple terms how that happens? I have mixed floating plants
(duckweed, frogbite and Pistia: did I spell them right?)in my 180 gal. tank,
in addition to a good number of submersed plants (mostly swords, Cabomba and
Crinum). I normally have little or no floating film despite a medium fish
load (no surface extractor) and I thought that the root system of the
floating plants absorbed it in some way. Does this make sense?