Sandpoint substrate heating

 Today, in my Endless Quest For The Perfect And Affordable
Substrate Heating Cable I called Sandpoint. Like a previous post
mentioned, they're not making the 250 and 500 W cables anymore.
They're being replaced with just one model, a 40W 110V (mains) model
that is supposed to be kept plugged in at all times. When I expressed
my electrocution concerns, the guy told me not to worry about it since
the cable has a grounding wire right along and that in case of failure
the path of least resistance will be the ground and, just in case that
doesn't work, the wire has a fuse that will blow really fast should
the electric current choose the body. "After all, people put
powerheads in their tanks all the time" he added.
 I think I will surrender now and buy the Dupla 25W cable. I have a
feeling I will endlessly torture myself afterwards if I setup the tank
without substrate heating.<g>

 Didi Soichin
 nitro at oeonline_com
 Westland, MI, USA