Re: Filtration for 29 gal planted tank

nitro at oeonline_com (Didi Soichin) said:

DS< -Aquaclear 200 (I use a Mini in the 10 gal and it performs quite well
DS<especially in regards to the CO2 injection). In this case I won't have
DS<any future possibilities to add a surface extractor and I will have to
DS<add 1 or 2 powerheads for additional water movement.

I use an Aquaclear 300 on my 30 gallon hex. I get plenty of water movement in
the tank and do DIY CO2 injection through the intake side of the filter. My
plant and fish all seem to be doing well. For more deeper circulation you can
double two intake tubes and reach to the bottom of the tank for uptake. In
your case I'd think about maybe a 500 for future use. Just my $.02

PacNeil at aol_com [Neil Schneider]