Re: Whisper wet/dry

I have been using Whisper wet/dry WDF 3000 for my 20 gal in conjunction with
a powerhead driven UGF. The tank is heavily planted with DIY yeast CO2 
injection. The filter has been running for about a year with no problem at all.
I really like this filter because:

	a. low agitation and localized on the water surface (you need to
	   fill your tank up to the filter output). This is good for O2
	   surface exchange and at the same time prevent CO2 loss. The "dry"
	   part might cause CO2 loss but it's very gentle so I expect only
	   minimal loss. With KH 4dH, the CO2 injection brought pH down from
	   8.0 to 6.6. The surface agitation seems to help preventing the 
	   white protein layer build up. At the same tine, it sends my riccia
	   spinning all over the tank surface.

	b. you can replace the "mechanical" filtration media (ie. the floss)
	   separately from the "bilological" filtration media (ie. the sponge).
	   This way you don't have to worry that your tank might go through
	   "new tank" syndrome.
	   Actually, I have not replaced the sponge since I had this filter.
	   The floss removes the debris effectively and I replace this 
	   once a month. I only rinse the sponge once in a while.

	c. it starts by itself (no need for additional water) after a power
	   failure/after you unplug the filter.

Hope that helps.

"Not working for Whisper maker :). Unless....., it runs Java"