Excuse me for my ignorance, but I have several questions about plants, algae 
and books.

1) Karen mentioned that the Dennerle book and the Oriental Aquarium catalog 
were decent plant books.  Where can I get them?  I had read a post earlier 
about getting a Dennerle book from England.  Is this the only place?

2) What is the difference between Egeria densa and Elodea densa?  Some books 
I have seen refer to them interchangeably.  Is this correct?  I bought some 
E. densa from Delaware Aquatics, but didn't know if the E. was Egeria or 
Elodea.  As far as I can tell, Elodea densa is sold as Anacharis in pet 
stores, and my plants do not come close to looking like them.  The "E. densa" 
that I have has less fleshy leaves, but they are arranged 5 to a whorl.  
Also, the nodes seem to be spaced fairly far apart.

3) Is there a good place on the internet (besides the Krib), to see pictures 
of what different kinds of algae are supposed to look like on your plants?  I 
admit, I'm having problems trying to figure out what kind of algae I have on 
my E. tellenus.  This algae only seems to be on my E. tellenus and E. 
quadricotas.  It is filamentous, about 4 mm in length and is dark green in 
color.  It only attaches to the outside rim of the leaves.  Is this beard 

Thanks for your help.

Yi-Meng Yen
yyen at biochem_medsch.ucla.edu