Surface XTractor

     >From: nitro at oeonline_com (Didi Soichin) 
     >Date: Mon, 4 Mar 96 22:28 EST
     >Subject: Filtration for 29 gal planted tank
     >HOT Magnum; to which I might try to add a Eheim surface 
     (stuff deleted) 
     >Aquaclear 200 (I use a Mini in the 10 gal and it performs quite well 
     >especially in regards to the CO2 injection). In this case I won't 
     >have any future possibilities to add a surface extractor and I will 
     >have to add 1 or 2 powerheads for additional water movement.
     I use an Eheim cannister for my 50 with one of their surface 
     extractors, and i find it extremely useful.  My (densely planted) tank 
     throws out enormous amounts of floating film and scum, and the 
     extractor keeps the surface completely clear.  It's a bit of a chore 
     to maintain, as it is very sensitive to water level and it tends to 
     get clogged with bits of debris. Also it's not as inconspicuous as I'd 
     like.  But it does an essential job.  I don't know of better solution 
     except a built in spill-over.
     Bob_Hoesch at fws_gov
     in Ashland OR where it is cold and sunny