Re: Aquatic Plant books

>There's more than three, I believe there are at least 5.  But the
>English translations are slow to come.  Also, I believe that
>volumes 3 and 4 are on marine species.  Is there are 3rd FW volume
>available in English yet?  BTW, for the scope of the books, I
>don't think they're expensive... they're no "coffee table"

Yes -- the third volume is FW and available in English -- at least, in
Vancouver, B.C. it is. My local aquarium shop has it. I agree about the
price, it's just that most people seem to want a book that's great for
about $2.50. My problem is that I have volume 1 and I haven't checked out
how much is repeated from vol to vol. Can you tell me if everything in each
book is new or if there is a lot of duplication? If each book is full of
new stuff I will buy them all.